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What is Group Well Child Care?

Group well child-care is a novel take on the traditional visit, creating a community of parents with similarly aged children with a consistent provider for the first two years of life. This model allows parent- driven discussion, increased provider contact, increased social and community support, and additional time to discuss and practice anticipatory guidance.

  1. Found to be equally or more effective in providing services and utilizes clinician time more efficiently

  2. Aligns with The AAP's Resilience Project which encourages pediatricians to promote child resilience and health by building social connections and enhancing parent knowledge about child development

  3. Parents identified unique benefits: opportunities to learn from other parents, to observe other children's development, and to experience a supportive sense of community

Why Group Well Child Care?

Why do we need a GROWBABY Research Network?

  1. Clinical sites have strong interest in research, but encounter barriers to participating

  2. Clinical sites have ongoing data collection, but often not connected to other clinical sites

  3. Clinical sites express interest in studying the implementation process, cost-effectiveness, and childhood outcomes

  4. Some clinical sites have interest in scholarly work, publication, and dissemination of learnings 

  5. Clinical sites deserve to be drivers of research process

 Network Membership Opportunities

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  • Receive GROWBABY Quarterly Newsletter

  • Serves in PI/Investigator role

  • Attend Monthly Leadership Meetings

  • Shape, Discuss, and Implement Research Design

  • Support in Grant Development

  • Data sharing with member sites

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Receive GROWBABY Quarterly Newsletter

  • Access to GROWBABY Resources

  • May participate in select Research Initiatives

Check Out Our Latest Publication!

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