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Welcome to the GROWBABY Research Network

Powered by Vital Village Networks

We are a passionate group of practitioners, researchers, and child health advocates dedicated to the advancement of equitable health care systems to maximize child and family wellbeing.


GROup Wellness Visits for BABies and FamilY 
Research Network

The GROWBABY Research Network aims to foster research partnerships through a shared research infrastructure to support collaboration, data sharing, and analysis. GROWBABY seeks to enhance implementation of group well child care and quality improvement efforts, support real-time data collection across sites, and facilitate efficient and ethical research. Join the GROWBABY Community to stay engaged and to receive updates by emailing us at or using the form at the bottom of the page.

3 Main Goals for our Collaborative, Practice-based Research Network

Share resources and learnings to enhance implementation of group well child care & quality improvement efforts



Real-time data collection across sites with shared measures and shared ownership of data

Research infrastructure and multi-site IRB to facilitate efficient research study


GROWBABY operates as a community-based, practice-based research network and is an initiative of the CRADLE (Childhood Research to Advance Developmental-Health Learning and Equity) Research Lab, the research and evaluation arm of the Vital Village Networks organization at Boston Medical Center. CRADLE Lab at Vital Village Networks serves as the backbone organization for the GROWBABY Research Network. Vital Village Networks’ mission is to develop community-based strategies to promote child wellbeing and advance health and educational equity through research, data sharing, and collective action. Developing networks and cross-sector collaborations where community residents co-lead and co-design is a central strategy. 

Powered by Vital Village Networks at Boston Medical Center

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